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Certified Public Accountants

At Barnes Saly, it’s our experience and commitment to exceptional customer service that has helped us grow into one of the largest and most respected certified public accounting and business consulting firms in west central Pennsylvania.   Businesses and individuals, Non Profit organizations, government and municipal authorities, manufacturers, nursing homes and employee benefit plans.  If you use QuickBooks we provide QuickBooks Support with our QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors.

S corporation loss for 2016? Check your basis:

Typically, stock basis in an S corporation begins with the capital contribution you make to get the company started. At the end of each taxable year, your stock basis is adjusted to reflect your business's operating results. After your stock basis reaches zero, you may be able to deduct additional losses, up to the extent of your debt basis. However, once your stock and debt basis are both reduced to zero, losses incurred are suspended, and you get no current tax benefit. Contact us if you're in this situation. We can provide a solution and guide you through the rules.

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Prepaid cards get a bit safer:
Do you have a prepaid card in your wallet? They're popular because they're convenient. You, your employer, or someone you know loads money onto the card, and you use it in a manner similar to a credit or debit card. In the past, prepaid cards lacked some consumer protections. Now, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has finalized rules that limit your liability for unauthorized charges to $50, as long as you notify the card issuer promptly. The new rules also include requirements for clear explanations about fees, and free access to account information

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