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Certified Public Accountants

At Barnes Saly, it’s our experience and commitment to exceptional customer service that has helped us grow into one of the largest and most respected certified public accounting and business consulting firms in west central Pennsylvania.   Businesses and individuals, Non Profit organizations, government and municipal authorities, manufacturers, nursing homes and employee benefit plans.  If you use QuickBooks we provide QuickBooks Support with our QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors.

Update your mileage rate reimbursements for 2017:
If you intend to use your vehicle for business, charitable activities, medical appointments, or moving during 2017, be aware that the optional standard mileage rates for computing the deductible costs have changed. Here are the rates to use to calculate reimbursements and deductions this year.
Business: Starting January 1, 2017, the rate is 53.5¢ per mile when you use your vehicle for business purposes.
Charitable: The standard per-mile rate for charitable service remains at 14¢.
Medical and moving: The rate for medical and moving mileage is 17¢ per mile.

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Do you need to revise your final estimated payment?
The last installment of your 2016 estimated federal income tax is due January 17, 2017. As a general rule, to avoid penalties you need to pay in the lesser of 90% of your 2016 estimated tax liability or 100% of the tax shown on your 2015 return when your adjusted gross income (AGI) is less than $150,000. When your AGI is over $150,000, you're required to prepay the lesser of 90% of your 2016 estimated tax liability or 110% of your 2015 tax liability. What if you haven't paid in enough? Increase your last installment to make up for the underpayment. Contact us for help with the calculation.

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