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Certified Public Accountants

At Barnes Saly, it’s our experience and commitment to exceptional customer service that has helped us grow into one of the largest and most respected certified public accounting and business consulting firms in west central Pennsylvania.   Businesses and individuals, Non Profit organizations, government and municipal authorities, manufacturers, nursing homes and employee benefit plans.  If you use QuickBooks we provide QuickBooks Support with our QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors.

Make better business decisions with simplified data:
As a manager, you're no doubt swimming in a constant stream of information. Fortunately, you can keep your head above water by boiling down the data into a format that's relevant, concise, and user-friendly. For instance, significant indicators can typically be gathered on a single sheet of paper. Examples include revenues by product or service line, cash and accounts receivable balances, gross profit ratios by product line for retail and wholesale businesses, and productive salaries and benefits for service businesses. If you'd like help developing a simplified system tailored to your specific needs, contact our office.

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